Marble & Monochrome


These beautiful Next earrings are my new favourite accessory, combining my love of gold with black and white detailing which I’m picking to be one of the hottest trends of the season. The stylish drop earrings aren’t so big that they’re annoying, but they add that little hint of glamour to a look. And who can resist at only $12 a pair?

The monochromatic trend isn’t a trend as such, as black and white will never go out of style. Paired together, though, they can really create some impact. This holds true whether you’re pairing a crisp white shirt with a black pencil skirt, or just dressing up your windowsill with a graphic Scandi candle.

If you know me by now, you’ll know that my first instinct when translating a trend into makeup is eyeliner. While black eyeliner isn’t anything new, white may seem a little outside your comfort zone. There are a few neat tricks you can do with white eyeliner, though, to liven up your look in just a few swipes.


1. Line Your Lower Waterline With White To Look More Awake

This is an old favourite – who wouldn’t want to look more awake?! If you run a white pencil eyeliner along your lower waterline (that’s the bit just above the base of your lashes, and try not to get it in your eye) it will create the illusion of wider eyes. The lifting and opening effect makes you look more alert. Neat!


2. Draw Your Wing With White For Graphic Impact

If you want to really up your winged eyeliner game, try bringing some white into the equation. Where you’d normally draw a black line across your eyelid, try white. To avoid making it look too creepy-living-doll-like, I’d suggest smudging some black eyeliner right into the base of your eyelashes, and don’t forget mascara.


And if eyeliner’s not your thing, how about nail polish? Black and white nails can bring back horrifying memories of college days messing around with Vivids and Twink. Instead of straight up black or white, try a light nude that’s more of an off-white – or maybe a deep dark blue or vampy red.


And if you’re crazy for that graphic marble effect, what do you think about this Emerge Shift dress?

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