Get the beach beauty look easily

Get the Beach Beauty Look

Get the beach beauty look easily
If our models can look effortlessly styled and beach ready, why can’t we?

We love the beach beauty look so we’ve decided to run through how you can get the Beach Beauty Look easily.

Let’s break it down into sections: we’ve got hair, make-up, skin care and fashion. We’ve already curated a stunner summer fashion wardrobe which you can find from our New Arrivals and of course you should always put sunscreen on 20 minutes before you go out into the sun. This look can work for any age as it’s showcasing your natural features.

Use sunblock as a base, and wait for it to dry before starting with some BB Cream. Put a little bit onto your fingers and start blending it into your face in a patting motion – ensure you spread cream evenly for good coverage (you can even wait till it dries and apply another layer if needed). Don’t forget to check your BB cream has been blended into your neck!

Next, grab your bronzer and apply where the sun would naturally hit – top of forehead, the cheekbones and along the jawline. Start lightly first and apply more if necessary. If you have a handheld mirror use that and have a look at your bronzer in sunlight to check whether or not it’s too much.

Flick on some mascara, and make sure you put on some sort of lipstick (nude is a good go-to) otherwise your face will just look like a blank canvas.

You’ve got 3 options for the beach and our first option is a sun smart choice as the bright sun can be very cruel to your scalp.

  1. Wear a hat! Go for big, floppy hats that cast shadows from the sun. This’ll mean it’ll cover your shoulders and ears.
  2. Wear your hair up in a messy ponytail. This’ll save the wind blowing your hair into your face or mouth at the most inconvenient times.
  3. Wear your hair down and tousled. If you find your hair is quite flat, try changing where your hair naturally falls and switching it to the other side. This will give your hair lift in places it’s not used to. Tip: Sea Salt Spray is a godsend for those wanting to create natural waves.

Now that you’re beach ready and have the look down, where are you heading? What’s a favourite local beach you like to go to?

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