Read on to find out 7 things you can do for thin hair.

7 things you can do for Thin Hair

7 things you can do for thin hair
Read on to find out 7 things you can do for thin hair.

None of us like a bad hair day! After all, our hairstyles can often make or break an outfit. However the old age saying that we always want what we don’t have seems to run very true when we start discussing hair. Those with curly hair want straight hair, and those with straight hair would prefer long luscious curls.

There are certainly some hairstyles which make a person’s hair easier to style. Generally speaking, thicker hair is easier to work with in that it holds different styles well. The added volume of thicker hair also makes the possibilities much more plenty. However, there’s not a lot of point waking up each morning and feeling disheartened that you’re stuck with thin hair, of course thin hair has its benefits too.

If you’re feeling like you need a few pointers to help your strands on their way to hair stardom, make sure you consider the following:

Change your part every now and then – Hair generally lies flatter on the scalp when brushed repeatedly in the same direction. If you’re used to parting your hair in the middle, why not try a side part. Changing where your part sits is likely to break the pattern of where your hair is used to sitting, that way it’s more likely to stand away from your scalp and look more voluminous.

Keep it cool – Hair styling tools need to be used with the utmost care as styling with heat can damage the hair shaft. Damaged hair often leads to it looking less healthy and thinner than it is. Aim to air-dry your hair where possible. If you definitely can’t go without your styling irons, pick those with adjustable settings and keep them on the lowest level of heat.

Brush with care – You probably know the dreaded feeling of brushing through a hair full of knots. It’s important to take care when brushing so that you’re not ‘ripping’ hair from your head. Tackle knots with patience, so that you’re brushing through them gently. They will come out eventually.

Try a haircut that adds volume – Whether you’re an advocate for short or long hair, you can add volume to any cut by asking your hairdresser to cut interior layers. Layers placed throughout your cut and not just on the ends will instantly add more fullness. Shorter styles are generally easier when looking for a voluminous style as longer hair adds weight and tends to pull the hair down (flatter on the scalp).

Add depth with colour – Talk to your hairdresser about adding depth and volume to your hair with well-placed highlights. If you’re able to explain that you’re after more volume, they’ll surely know how to best help you achieve it. If you’re up for some experimentation, highlights can help hide thinning hair by making your hair colour more similar to the colour of your scalp.

A bit of TLC – Before you start blow-drying your freshly washed hair, you should cover it with a towel turban and allow it to dry thoroughly. Blow dryers and styling irons are much better to use on hair that is already partially dry to minimize damage to the hair. Detangle towel dried hair with a wide toothed comb or hairbrush before turning on your blow dryer. Hair that is already tangled will only become more tangled if the knots aren’t brushed out first.

Thin or Fine Hair Needs Bounce – Add a volumising shampoo and conditioner to part of your beauty routine, this will help add body to your hair. Once you’ve prepped and washed your hair, it is then helpful to have a styling mousse or volumising spray to hand. Sea salt sprays and volumising powders can be really useful for giving the hair a bit more va-voom. Thin hair immediately looks livelier after giving the root portion more bounce.

If it all becomes too much, you can always rely on accessories like hats and beanie to help for the day.

Fine or thin hair does not spell hairstyle doom. By following a couple of clever tips and tricks, you’re going to help your hair build up structure. Don’t underestimate the importance of the right cut, color, and styling routine. Begin to love what you were given. Rather than trying to always completely transform your hair, you’re better off to work with the hair you were given. You’ll be able to achieve a much more beautiful and natural look by embracing and celebrating your hair in its natural state.

If you’ve got thin hair, share your styling tips below!

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